Bachelor thesis

Utilization of Apache Cordova to work with Photon Particle

Internet of Things solution under your control on a private cloud

“It's one of the first long-term projects. I was a researcher, developer, designer and salesman”

“I successfully defended my work!”

In the beginning, there was an idea of my tutor PhDr. Milan Novak’s that there are no private solutions which you can control at home by yourself.

I liked the idea of a smart homes similar to Jarvis (Ironman) which helps you with tasks you need. Furthermore, if I would succeed everyone could set up their own smart home, based on my thesis.

main intakes

  • I researched the whole topic of a smart home
  • Tried a lot of things from different fields
  • I can work within time boundaries
  • I learned about my strengths and weaknesses

in the beginning


There were two main requirements. First to run a private cloud and the second make own app for most systems.

After the research of home automatization, I managed to repair a local cloud by Particle (Windows, Linux). Then I made examples of smart appliances such as automatic curtains, temperature sensor and switching of traditional light bulb.

The last task was to create an app for most of the systems. I did research on available technologies. Due to well-made documentation and pros outweighing cons, I decided to go for the Ionic framework.

thinking behind design


I set vision application should achieve and asked friends questions about tasks and goals they would have.

I researched competitors and similar applications, compared them and I took advantage of the best approaches.

Flowcharts and Wireframes were made which were transformed to first designs in Figma ❤️

Designs were tested on friends and family in InVision.

Project was successfully defended before the professors.

At the start, I formed a vision for the application. What minimum features should it include to make people's lives easier?

I set goals the app should achieve and asked friends and relatives questions about how they would use the app. What are their struggles with apps and what they do enjoy?

After the survey about THE PEOPLE behind the phones, I researched similar applications and competitors in the field of Smart homes.
I was comparing approaches in which way they are showing the devices how they present important information, what's important for them? How can one make quick action and see the result? I prioritized questions and assumptions I had.

Subsequently, I made drafts, flowcharts and wireframes by hand which I was improving to the grade where I was satisfied enough to convert them to Figma.

The designs went throw three different iterations. I was testing the app in the process on my whole family including grandparents.Following every test, I took the time to evaluate results and implemented newly discovered knowledge.

On the start of the application for the first time, there is onboarding with subtle animations of the mascot Hommie. The application was designed to feel futuristic. The main focus is on the cards (devices) with the most important information and a prominent green button which can trigger the desired action.

The green color was choosen from Pantone color of the year for its modern and natural look. I made custom icons for the application.

Finally, the application was presented to professors during the bachelor thesis presentations, I had to explain all the choices I made, and respond to the questions.

The project was successfully defended.

and wireframe

what I took from the project


The project helped me understood that I want to focus on the experience which users have with applications.

That you need to do proper research before. Then you can dive into the solution.

Hard things which look impossible can be possible with the right amount of time.

Working on the long-term project since the beginning to its end was a great source for the self-reflection. It showed me my strengths and weaknesses, things I can improve.

Start from strengths I can communicate ideas clearly and excite others for the same thing.

Regard to weaknesses I shouldn't try to discover the wheel again. I sometimes dive too early into making solutions which take me a longer time than if I read more about the topic.

On the project, I tried many things from the backend development to designing, coding and selling the application.

Thesis took me significant time, I can work on a task for a long time if I am passionate about it.

To conclude, the project was a struggle, but the results were worth it. I am always up to learn something new, and I like solving unique problems.

My friends and I are working on a similar school project in a team now, and we can use my previous knowledge gained from this project.



Bachelor thesis CZECH

Bachelor thesis in Czech.

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